Friday, June 18, 2010

Just an observation....another tale from the gym

The other day I was at the gym on the elliptical. Now, my gyms ellipticalS are below a second story room where they hold aerobic classes that has a wall of glass that faces out to the rest of the gym. As u was exercising, I looked up and noticed something freighting. The class being taught was a yoga class. Now don't get me wrong, many like to hide in the back of the class because they are not comfortable with being up front, u get it. But to move to the back against a glass wall...bad idea!

When I looked up, I saw a women in a crazy yoga pose with her arm and leg in the air. Unfortunately, thus person did not anticipate that people would be able to see her. She did not plan her wardrobe accordingly. So...bite to all those who hide in the back of the class, please cover yourself when your in a compromising position. No one down below wants to see your....ummm....hotness?!?

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