Monday, January 4, 2010

Messages of Hope...

I never understood why people put messages of hope on their cars let alone messages that they can wear. Frequently, I see a scripture of something like that on t-shirts. The other day, I saw a t-shirt that said "blessed are those who are humble." Since I am not the most humble person, I thought that I should have a t-shirt that said..."Blessed are those who are stupid who put stupid sayings on their shirts."

That would also go well with my own 10 commandments.

1. Thou shalt not be stupid and put stupid things on your shirts.
2. Thou shalt be awesome.
3. Thous shalt not be ugly.
4. Thou shalt wax any part of the body that is unnecessarily hairy.
5. Thou shalt not wear collegiate wear as your daily wardrobe.
6. Thou shalt not expose your crack (I'll discuss this later).
7. Thou shalt look in the mirror before you leave the house.
8. Thou shalt not wear mid-drifts if you have had a c-section/any body fat that would hang out.
9. Thou shalt give to the children (i.e. my charity...for more explanation read the earlier posts).
10. Thou shalt recognize my greatness and praise "The Gift."

Other Peoples New Year's Resolutions...What's Up Phatties

Okay...let's all be honest with each other. We all overate during the holidays and became FAT! Now that we have gotten that off our chests, on with the Rant!

I was at my home...the house of ego (i.e. the gym) on New Years day, and you could tell who had the resolution of de-fatting themselves. I love seeing all of the people out there who make this a New Year's resolution. Its not hard to spot them...they are overweight (generally) and they have a really neat new workout outfit.

Now don't get me wrong...I totally support those who want/need to lose weight. What I have to laugh about is why would you buy a new workout outfit (which in most cases hugs the butt to tight) when you know you won't see it through. Yes...its true, I call it like I have seen it. At my gym, I have only seen a handful of people actually make it past February with the "lose weight" resolution.

WTH.......Tender Mercy's

I have to share something odd that I saw this weekend. In the community where I live, I frequently see people who have signs asking for money, food, gas, help, or whaterver else their little hearts want. This weekend, I saw someone trying to pull at my heartstrings (and have tender mercy).

There was a lady sitting in front of the grocery store with a sign that said "being evicted need help."

I was not shocked by seeing this...after all, people are suffering hard right now. What I did think was odd was that the lady had clutched in her hand a Louis Vuitton bag! WHAT THE CRACK!!!! If I was panhandling and I had a Louis, I would LEAVE IT AT HOME!!!! The idea behind panhandling is that you need to look like your desperate for what you want. Holding a purse that costs over a grand is not that way to look like you need help!