Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ridiculousness of Beyonce....AKA...I Am...Shasha Fierce

Okay....Full Disclosure...I think that Beyonce is incredible. Her new CD is GREAT! Okay...on with the rant.

Her new double disc CD is called I AM...Sasha Fierce. For those who live under a rock and do not keep up with Beyonce, Sasha Fierce is an alter ego (that she uses for her performances). Now, I get that, but how whacked out is it that she has a name for her alter ego?

Not to be out done by her, I have created my own alter ego. I am calling it AH...Fierce. I have also decided write a one man show and I will call it...I am...AH Fierce,/You May Now Worship Me! Like Beyonce, the first half of the show will be called I am...AH Fierce and the second half will be called You May Now Worship Me!

Imagine this. Me (the sexy beast that I am) descending from a platform out of the air doing the Beyonce walk from the music video Crazy In Love....Gosh that is great STUFF!!!

In Honor of crazy Beoynce, I would like to bring your attention to a song that is on her new album. It is my new mantra:

It's too big, It's too wide, It's too strong, It wont fit
It's too much It's too tough I talk like this Cuz I can back it up
I have a big ego, Such a huge ego, You love my big ego
It's too much, I walk like this Cuz I can back it up

Thanks Beyonce!!!!

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