Sunday, February 8, 2009

Known Truths....

There are several known truths that each of us accept. An example would be that the earth is not flat, but rather round. I recently discovered a new truth that I had not recognized before. I think that after reading this, you all will agree with me.

After I discovered this truth, everything in my life now makes sense.

This truth was discovered at the house of vanity (for you new readers, that is the gym). I was working out in front of a mirror, and an ugly person came up behind me and wanted to watch themselves in the mirror. Of course...because I was far more attractive than the other person, they had to be submissive to my hotness and move.

I have also tested this therory in the sauna. Yes...this is my favorite place to test my theories. I have found that if an unattractive person comes and sits next to me in the sauna, all I have to do to get rid of them is begin stretching, and they become intimidated by my hottness, that they again...are subjected to be submissive and LEAVE!!!!

There are so many tools also avaliable to those who are attractive. First, we have better friends than the ugly. This is obvious because we only associate with other attractive people. We don't have to suffer by looking at the ugly. Second, we get better jobs than the ugly. This of course is held in the eyes of the job holder. I am sure that crack heads and whores enjoy their jobs far more than those of us who are attractive and are not crack heds nor whores. Third, peopele evny us. Isn't that the ultamte goal? Enough Said!

If you have any personal experiences on how you are supierior because your attractive...leave us a note and share with the rest of us!