Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Affraid God Won't Recognize Me

Now that I have decided that I need to have plastic surgery, I am conflicted about whether or not to proceed. I recently began thinking about after I die what will become of my hotness. Sure, anything that I put into my body that is plastic will take much longer to decompose. But, we all die and our spirits (that look just like us...even after plastic surgery) goes to heaven.

So...If my plastic surgery sprit goes to heaven, I'm affraid that God won't recognize me. I ask myself, "Will he let me in?" I mean, I would technically be the same person inside...but a lot hotter on the outside.

Your thoughts????

AHHH....I Feel So FAT

I just finished lunch (I had 4 Ritz crackers) and I feel so fat. This is probably because I had 4 verses 3 crackers.

Anyway...this is one of the reasons why I need plastic surgery. Bring on the Lipo!

I know that there are many out there who would question why I would want Lipo. After all, most of us have watched the procedure on the Discovery, or TLC channels. It does not look like a procedure that one would want to do. But for me...I want to be hot!

Why should I have to suffer by only seeing 3 1/2 ribs. I want to see all 6! If I have to suffer through a rod being shoved up my abdominal cavity and have all of my fat sucked out, I am all for it to look HOT!