Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Tale From The Gym.....

Okay...let me set the scene for you... I was again in the sauna at the gym, there were two other guys in there with me. One of the guys was 6 foot 10 inches tall (at least)...(stay with me...that is an important point). As we all were sitting there, this old man came in with a mat.

Initially, I was confused. We were sitting in the dry sauna and the mats are used in the wet sauna. As the old man brought himself and his mat in, he placed it on the floor. I was thinking okay...the old guy wants to stand. That was until he began to do his yoga. Now...don't get me wrong. I frequently am seen stretching in the sauna. After all, this is probably the best place to do so. That being said, there is a common courtesy rule that you stop this when the sauna is full. our case, the old man should not have done his yoga unless there was more room and less people.

Now, the old man placed himself in front of the 6 foot 10 inches tall man. The poor by standard (the 6 ft. + man) was sitting there minding his own business when the old man decided to bend over place his butt face of the 6 ft + man and remain in that position for a good 10 minutes. The 6 ft+ man did not even flinch! I was amazed. I even began to laugh out loud. The old man did not like this apparently...he stared at me through his old man legs. After about 10 minutes of this, the old man stood up. Yes, finally, the awareness would be over. That lasted for about 30 seconds until the old man began to do his hip isolation's! What the CA%()#TU)(GEW^%@? This is not Jazzercise! So I could not take it anymore....I left the sauna for a few minutes.

After cooling off, I decided to go back into the sauna. I opened the door and proceeded to step into the sauna when on the floor directly inside the sauna was the old man laying spread eagle on the floor! AHHHHH............. The morale of the story is...don't do creepy things in public. And, if you are old, you no longer are attractive! You no longer have the right to do crazy creepy things around those of us who are younger and yes...much hotter than you.

The Kings Prayer (that's me if you did not know).... Lord, grant me the ability to tolerate stupid old men who want to do yoga at the gym. Though they are old and have lived longer than I. Please let me tolerate having to look at them in their short shorts spread eagle upon the sauna floor.

Tales from the Gym....Yes...Another Story...

So...I have to begin by apologizing. It has been quite a while since I have had anything to blog about. I hope you won't be let down by my new stories.

Last Friday, I was at the gym, and I saw something that I thought was odd. There was a women there in a full on burka. Now...I was thinking when I initially what the crack, because we in Nevada don't typically see people wearing burka's (after all, this is not the middle east). I also was also think that this women must be new to the gym, probably trying things out for the first time (I see this a lot with men...working out in jeans and hiking boots). I did not think much of it until I saw her and her husband back again on Saturday night working out.

What was odd on Saturday is that the women was in the same burka that she wore on Friday night. This lead me to believe that this must be her workout burka. It was nice...not your typical black or gray, but it was leopard print. It kinda reminded me of the 80's when women would wear the leaped leotards with the thong going up their butt. Hmmmm...maybe some have digressed a bit!