Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forgive Me...Ads Now On Today's Daily Rant

Okay...I oculd not resist the opportunity to make some money. That being said, I have added Ads to the site. Get this....everytime you click on the add, I get paid. So....please take a moment to click on an add when you get done reading. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Economy SUCKS!!!

What is up with the people of the world today. Not only were there so many selfish idiots who due to their selfishness have ruined our economy, but now no one will donate to our foundation.

I get that there are those who are unemployed. I get that there are many out there who were morons and bought homes that they could not afford (oh...Mr. Banker man, I think it is a good idea to buy a home with 0 down and that is a variable rate...just as long as I get my trophy house and I can look good to my friends). But what about me and my plastic surgeon.

I am personally offended that there are so many stupid people in the world. I am offended that because of them, my potential donors no longer have the funds to donate to the foundation. Because of this...I am afraid that I may not be able to get my plastic surgery.

If you are able...please donate today! Let's not see another person lose their plastic surgeon needs my business. DON'T DELAY!


Okay...on Sunday, I finally caved and joined Facebook. I have never really been a fan of social networking sites. However...with the many people that I am connecting with from my past, I found this to be a great opportunity to promote the foundation.

For those who are new to this blog, there are two purposes for my writting. The first one is to raise money for my foundation 10,000. The entire premise behind this is to raise $10,000 to go towards two causes that the foundation has identified as needs in our world.

The first, healing the world. Of what you might say...UGLYINESS. 99.99% of ugliness can be healed through a good combing of the hair. So please help us buy combs for the ugly. .05% of all proceeds will go towards buying combs for the ugly (and the administration cost associated). The remaining funds will go towards our second cause. My unnecesary required plastic surgery. I need calf implants in the worst kind of a way.

Please donate today! I am affraid that if we do not raise the money, the ugly will have to continue looking ugly (and having low self esteem), and I might have to do those annoying and painful exercises to increase my calf hotness.

Remember our slogan...Its All For The Children!