Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paula Abdul is a FREAK.........

Okay...full disclosure...I love American Idol! I love that it is that time of year again when we go through the exciting process of listening to the crazy (i.e. Paula) and her wickedly funny vacant looks, and stupid commentary (this would be one of my Nuggets of Joy).

So...with American Idol having been on TV for two weeks now, we have not heard very much crazy come out of the mouth of Paula. Perhaps this is because their is a new judge. Perhaps it is that the producers told her not to open her mouth. Who knows??? So I have been a bit disappointed thus far. Last night disappointment went out the window. Time for Crazy!!!

For those of you who missed it...a recap.

A very talented young women got up to sing. She did a great job, and at the end...the judges all gave her high marks. After the judges commentary/praise, the young women began to cry. Then came the Nugget of Joy....Paula then opens her mouth and said "Don't Cry...You are worthy." WHAT THE CRACK??? Worthy of what? Now, many of you might think that she was saying "worthy to move on because your very talented." But...that is not what she said. It was very weird...Paula was talking like she was a deity (i.e. Oprah) and was speaking as if this young women was worthy to be in her presence. What a Freak.....

I just wished that someone would say to Paula "your not worthy...get off the stage!"