Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recent Trip Back Home

Recently...I had the great opportunity to travel back to my home town and help a good friend of mine. While I was only there four about 24 hours, I noticed many things that made me pause and say WHAT THE FREAKEDY FREAK ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING. This is the same town that I have written before in this blog. That being said...let's begin.

#1 Crazy Observation: I could not resit to drive around downtown and take a look at the red light district. To my surprise, there was a new brothel opened. It looked just a step up from the trail park brothel that is across the street from this one. What I found funny is that there was a giant banner out in front. It ready "Laddies Welcome." WHAT THE CRACK??? I guess in a contracting economy, the Whores need to diversify themselves and offer services to both genders. Could you image that staff meeting when the madam came out to tell the Whores that they would now be servicing women. LOVE IT!!!

There was one other thing that caught my eye. On the front door, there was the typical sign that had the hours of operation. But, this sign was different from those that you typically see. It also stated if before 11:00 a.m., please call 999-999-9999 (number changed for the protection of the community of shame and of course the Whores). This astonished me. So...if I can't wait to get my fix, I can all this number and they will rush a Whore out? Why don't they just have a 1-800 number like 1-800-Whore. Oh...there's not enough letters.

#2 Crazy Observation: This community has the nicest homeless shelter I have ever seen (or at least what should become one). There was a local moron who decided to build a hotel. What is interesting about this hotel (which looks very nice) is that the front door butts up to the side (metal side I may add) of the local grocery store. Not only does this seem insane, but it was built in the parking lot of the grocery store. It looks ridiculous. That being said, the moron builder ran out of money (because in this community there are many who do not know how to forecast costs of a project, and stay within a budget). So now, the building is fenced off a with those types of fences that are held down with cinder blocks (at least until the wind blows). I think that this would make for a very nice homeless shelter. It would have easy access, and could give each homeless person their own room. would be the nicest Whore house in the community. Hmmmm.....

#3 Crazy Observation: Whenever you put up a sign...make sure it is spelled correctly. I saw a sign that was posted with our new President's name on it. Mind you...they spelled it Obomo. Hmmmmm.....That says it all. Now I am not the greatest speller. But, come on...its our President! was a great trip and I loved going back. Not only to visit my good friends, but also finding these Nuggets of Joy to share with each of you. The only downside was that no one welcomed me with the praise that I deserve and my own challis.