Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please Keep Your Shoes On!

Today, I was surrounded by perhaps one of the most disgusting things I have ever experienced. Yes...experienced! I was once again sitting in the sauna at the gym, and I was surrounded by nasty, disgusting, ugly, uncut, jacked up toes. As I was sitting there, everyone that was around me was in a serious need to cut their toe nails.

Okay...I get it (i.e. not cutting your toe nails) if you are pregnant, morbily obese, or don't have the mental capacity to understand general hygiene and grooming. But for all other individuals, why would you not cut your toes, or kill the fungi, or just have good grooming? If one makes the choice to be nasty...that's fine, but why make us all suffer by having to see the nasty?

I am going to make a declaration today...If you have nasty feet, and you do not want to take care of them...then keep your !#@(*&%@^)_*#@%@#&()U shoes on your feet!