Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm in hell.......

I'm in he'll...can you guess where I'm at? If you guessed the DMV, you'd be correct. So I decided that I needed to by a moped. Unfortunatley, now I have to register it. Where did I go wrong? Wasn't it enough that i supported our crapy economy with this purchase? Apparently not! As a way for the State of Nevada to say thank you, the subject me to a hour in line just to get a numbered ticket. I have to admit that I was found worthy to proceed to the next stage after I presented all the appropriate documentation, promised my first born, and provided a sample of my DNA. I just hope that within another hour, I can get my moped registered.

So that I'm nit just a complainer, I would like to offer some sugguesrions. First, with unemployment hitting 14 percent this month, would it be so hard to get some if the free loaders in here to direct traffic, or better yet, to help serve the public that pays their unemployment? Either way, were paying them. Why nit make them work fir it? Second, cab we gave a DMV fir all the nasty ugly people, and one for all the illegals? Ahhh, they take up so much space in line!

Truth be told, I'd just be happy for some hand sanitized!

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